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The Son

Release Date: 20th April, 2014

A rock musical based on the Gospel of Luke.

The 20th April, 1973 will always be an extremely special day, for it was on that day that THE SON was written.

However, let’s step back a little in time from this point to see what actually led up to this day.

It is 1973 and musicals such as Superstar and Godspell were around but they lacked in certain areas. Superstar  was a non-Christian view of the Gospel story that really missed the mark. Godspell, on the other hand, was reasonably on target but was far too short.

I was well and truly into my music and was really starting ‘boil’ in my spiritual development and growth. I was actively involved with a band at the time and was also experimenting with special youth services to further the youth work I was actively involved with in the church. The band had really sharpened my music, both in playing as well as writing music for the band. There was also a desire in the back of my mind to write something with substance.

As 1973 moved further on, I became aware, within myself, that all of the creative desires I had, along with my other needs, could be met in a Christian musical that really told the Gospel Story from a truly Christian perspective. I began to open myself to that thought.

Around the beginning of April I felt that something was in the air and, as Easter drew closer, I became aware that the time was upon me. In the week leading up to Easter I started to put all external music out of my head. The band practiced two nights a week but after the Tuesday night practice, we decided not to practice again that week, as we had no bookings over the Easter (the first weekend in many months). I then decided not to listen to radio or watch TV for the rest of the week, so that my head was really clear (for someone like me who listened constantly to music, this was quite an experience). On the Thursday night I set up the room in my house that I used as a music room, having brought all my gear back from the hall where we practiced (we had a room in which to store all our band equipment).

Good Friday dawned and I knew it was on. I even decided not to go to the Good Friday Service.

At 10am that morning I entered my music room and the experience that followed was indescribable. From that time until 2am next morning I prayed, wrote, arranged and recorded (using a multitrack reel to reel tape recorder I owned). I had followed Luke’s Gospel (for some reason I really like Luke and the way he wrote). The last bit of arranging and recording done, I collapsed into bed. Unsure of what I had done because I actually hadn’t listened to any of the finished product.

It was nearly 11am when I surfaced on Saturday and, after breakfast, went back into the music room to listen to what I had created. What was on that tape was roughly 90 minutes of music that really blew my mind. I couldn’t believe what I had created but I knew it was very different.

Almost 40 years later (September, 2012), with much more knowledge and experience behind me, I went back to the original recording and notes and began the task of recording this properly. Only one song written then had ever been used in my performances. When I began the task, it was my sole intention to have the complete work released on the 20th April, exactly 40 years after it had been written. What I thought was going to be a straight forward task of transposing  what had been recorded at the time, turned out to be a mammoth task that would take almost 18 months, due the often complex things that I da done in that frenzied day of writing andd recording.

Instead of releasing it, as originally hoped at the time of starting the project, on the 40th anniversary of the writing, it has had to wait until the 41st anniversary.

Songs that are on the album are as follows. Click on the title to hear the individual song.

A01    Introduction

A02    The Promise Of John - The Messenger

A03    The Angel's Visit To Mary

A04    Birth Of John

A05    The Birth And Shepherds' Praise

A06    Adoration

A07    The Child And The Temple

A08    John The Baptist

A09   Behold, My Son

A10    Departure To The Wilderness

A11    The Temptations Of Jesus

A12    The Chosen Twelve

A13    Jesus At Work

A14    The Parables

A15    Raising The Dead/Hatred Of Jesus

A16    The Message

A17    The Transfiguration

B01    The Raising Of Lazarus

B02    The Annointing Of Jesus

B03    Jesus Riding On A Donkey

B04    Hosanna, King Of The Jews

B05    Teaching

B06    Scourging The Temple

B07    Destroy Jesus

B08    Judas' Betrayal

B09    Last Supper Preparation

B10    In Rememberance Of Me

B11    In The Garden

B12    Before Caiaphas

B13    Pilate

B14    March To The Crucifixion

B15    Mocking/Death

B16    Removal Of The Body/Three Days

B17    Easter Morning

B18    Road To Emmaus

B19    The Appearances And Ascension

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