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Release Date: 1st October, 2012

I cannot remember when I first had the desire to transform The Book Of The Revelation into music, but each time I thought seriously about it, I became frightened at the idea because I did not want the curse that the last chapter of the book lays out - that any one who adds or subtracts from the book would be punished. However, God kept putting the thought back into my head until finally I made a start. Now, eight and a half years later, I have finally finished this enormous project, travelling through so many changes and ideas in order to complete the task. Along the way, I have learnt much about my music; about the techniques (musical and technical) I had to master; about myself; and about the awesome reality of where mankind is heading with respect to the end of time. In those years, I have lost track of how many times I have read through that book, in a variety of different translations, through a variety of different phases in my own life and under a wide range of circumstances. The Book Of The Revelation has so much in it that I doubt that any one person could ever honestly say that they understood everything in it. However, when you read it through with an open mind and heart, you will be guaranteed of learning something new each time. That makes it the book that it is.

Writing this music was blessed by the fact that I have never felt bound by the rules of formal music and have been able to "break many traditional music rules" in order to achieve what I have done. I believe that music should be a true expression of what is within you and the "rules" that surround music, while being helpful, can be very restrictive when you desire true expression. I believe that this work has ultimately allowed me to fully and freely express myself. As God gave me each piece of music over those years (keeping in mind that for every part contained in this work, there were 4 other pieces of music that I wrote) each time was an experience that left a mark on me as I felt the awesome power that is God and as I gained a gradual insight into how John must have felt at this experience. I know that I have certainly felt insignificant and yet empowered as I worked through this work.

R. J. Burling (September 2012)

Songs on the album are as follows:

All narration is taken from The Book Of Revelation (Good News Bible). Because not all of the passages are read, it is highly recommended that you should read the associated passages, as listed in this table, so that you are able to get the complete scriptural message for each of the 39 tracks found in this work.
Trk Track Title Passage Time Notes Play
PART 1 (CD 1 for those who make it into a CD set) - TOTAL TIME 1hr:14min:41secs
1 The Prologue 1:1-4 2:54 The music here endeavours to capture the "beginning". With this section comes the blessings promised to all who read the book and accept it. Play this track
2 The Greeting 1:5-8 2:00 Here we have the actual greeting to the churches and John  assures us that is visitor is, in fact Jesus. Play this track
3 John's Vision 1:9-20 5:02 John is taking time out on the Isle of Patmos when he is suddenly confronted by a visitor with a message about the future that he is to share. Play this track
4 The Seven Messages 2:1-3:22 16:09 This is a rather lengthy piece of music but that is essential as it covers 2 whole chapters and the very important messages that were written to each of the seven churches in Asia. There are common parts to each message but different messages (music) in each. Play this track
5 The Throne Room Of Heaven 4:1-11 6:11 An endeavour to do what is really impossible to mere mortals - attempt to describe the awesome glory of heaven. Play this track
6 The Scroll And The Lamb 5:1-14 4:40 The dilemma of no-one appearing to be worthy of opening the seven seals that will bring forth God's judgement. Finally the Lamb (Jesus) appears and is found worthy. Play this track
7 The First Seals 6:1-11 3:52 This section of music portrays the first 5 seals found on the scroll. Narration is used to deliver the message of events as each seal is opened. Play this track
8 The Sixth Seal 6:12-17 5:18 With the sixth seal, much more starts to happen and this song delves into the many aspects of that part. This track was co-written with Natalie McDonnell. Play this track
9 The Elect Of Israel 7:1-8 3:12 There are many chosen people for the kingdom. In this first  part we see that there is 144,000 who are saved as descendants of the 12 tribes of Israel. Play this track
10 The Chosen Ones 7:9-17 3:56 Then there are the people who come from the rest of the world - so numerous that they cannot be counted. Play this track
11 The Seventh Seal 8:1-5 1:36 When the seventh seal is broken, the next phase of the judgement begins. This short track is more or less a summary of what is to follow. Play this track
12 The Six Trumpets 8:6-9:21 6:50 The trumpets of God each introduce a phase in the next part of the judgement. The first 6 trumpets gradually build the severity of what happens. Play this track
13 The Little Scroll 10:1-11 1:44 Then comes a message that appears to be especially for John. This track was completely written by River-Deane Melia. I had asked him to do the hidden thunder claps with the drums but he ended up doing the whole music. He wrote this track when he was just 9 years old. Play this track
14 The Two Messengers 11:1-14 5:15 Two prophets are to bring about the final stages of the history of mankind. There are 4 sections in this music. In the first and last they are made up of repeated parts of music to represent the 3.5 years of their ministry and the 3 days of their death before being raised. In between are their actual deaths and the way the world will celebrate. Play this track
15 The Seventh Trumpet 11:15-19 1:56 The seventh trumpet announces the final stage of the judgement as God's wrath is unleashed. Play this track
16 The Woman And The Dragon 12:1-17 3:01 The music here endeavours to show what could be deemed as a summary of history with the birth of Jesus followed by the devil and his followers being cast to earth and no longer being able to enter heaven. Play this track
17 The Seashore 12:18 0:29 The observer (John) appears to be standing on the seashore. The sound effects were filmed on Stockton beach one clear night just as the full moon was rising. The sound of the waves rising on the shore herald the arrival of the next phase. As I was filming, I was give a vision of the horrible creature that is to come. Play this track
PART 2 (CD 2 for those who make it into a CD set) - TOTAL TIME 1hr:12min:18secs
18 The Beasts Of Satan 13:1-18 4:36 This track is harsh as it endeavours to create the harsh reality of the manifestation of the devil, his beasts and his final onslaught on the human race. It is harsh but it also endeavours to weave an image of cohesion in what is to happen with this final attack. Play this track
19 The Lamb And His People 14:1-5 1:36 There was a deliberate decision to make this piece instrumental only because The Book Of Revelation is clear that none but the chosen choir could actually learn the words. Play this track
20 The Three Angel Messengers 14:6-13 2:37 These three angels arrive with messages that herald the imminent final stage of the judgment. Play this track
21 Lighting Up The Sky various 3:51 There are many references to the arrival of the second coming of Jesus. All talk of the coming arrival as being everywhere all at the same time, like the horizon to horison flash of lightning, something I had experienced a few years before I wrote this piece. I was on my home from a rally when the sky lit up completely. It was an awesome experience that gave me the insight into this song. Play this track
22 The Harvest 14:14-20 0:49 Finally the harvest of all of those who have continued in evil arrives. It is painted as a picture that most would have understood in those days, a scythe being swung hard to harvest the fields. Play this track
23 The Final Plagues 15:1-8 3:21 With the harvest comes the final punishment of the world which includes 6 plagues that, no matter how you read them, are horrific. It won't be a pretty sight. Play this track
24 The Wrath Of God 16:1-21 4:34 The finality of judgement now comes and God's wrath is poured out upon the world. Play this track
25 The Prostitue Of Babylon 17:1-18 4:17 As a part of this wrath, we see the destruction of what is allegorically called Babylon. It is my belief that the Babylon mentioned here represents the establishment(s) of the world that pretend to do things for God but are, in fact, evil. Much is read into exactly what this might mean. Play this track
26 The Lament For Babylon 18:1-24 3:28 Following the destruction (death) there is a lament (funeral) for the city as those who mourn the destruction stand back and lament the event. Play this track
27 The Response 19:1-4 2:00 The obvious response to the destruction is a celebration in heaven that is designed to honour God and to give Him all glory for His just judgement on the world. Play this track
28 The Wedding Feast Of The Lamb 19:5-10 3:23 With the celebration comes the reward for those who have endeavoured to hold faithful to the teachings of God. These are all invited to the wedding feast that signifies Jesus and His people being joined in eternal union. Play this track
29 The Rider On The White Horse 19:11-20 4:25 Jesus then leads out the armies of heaven for the final battle - the defeat of Satan and his followers. Play this track
30 Into The Pit 20:1-3 0:40 Satan is then cast into the abyss where he is unable to have any influence on the remainder of mankind. Play this track
31 The Door Slams 20:3 0:04 The devil is chained, the door to the pit is slammed closed and abyss is then locked. River and his sister, Breeze, had a lot of fun creating this short sound clip. Play this track
32 The Thousand Years 20:4-6 2:06 It is hard for us to imagine any period of time where there is absolutely no evil in the world, but with the devil locked away, this is exactly what follows. Play this track
33 Satan Is Defeated 20:7-10 1:17 After that period of time, Satan is released for the final battle. He will gather those who follow him and attempt to defeat the heavenly armies. This is doomed to failure. Play this track
34 Lake Of Fire 20:11-15 3:07 As a result, Satan and his followers are cast into the lake of fire that will burn forever. Anyone whose name is not written in The Book Of Life is destined to end up in that lake of fire. Play this track
35 The New Creation 21:1-8 3:33 With eveil removed from creation, there is a new creation where everything lives in peace and harmony. God now dwells among those who have been found worthy through their acceptance of Christ. Play this track
36 The New Jerusalem 21:9-27 4:22 There is a new item of beauty - the heavenly Jerusalem where God, Himself, dwells. This is a place of extreme beauty, of the likes that we have difficullty in imagining. Play this track
37 The River Flows Forever 22:1-3a 4:16 Part of the new Jerusalem is the return of access to the River Of Life. This river flows directly from the throne of God and it waters the Trees Of Life that line its banks. Play this track
38 The Joy Of Heaven 22:3b-5 2:04 What a joy heaven will be! Really, there are no earthly words that are good enough to be used for what that joy will be like. John must have struggled to portray to his readers what he was privileged to see. Play this track
39 The Revelation Finale 22:6-21 10:56 The climax of the whole Book Of Revelation as John concludes his vision and sharing with us what we can expect when we finally see the end of creation as it is now. Play this track
All narration is taken from The Book Of Revelation (Good News Bible). Because not all of the passages are read, it is highly recommended that you should read the associated passages, as listed in this table, so that you are able to get the complete scriptural message for each of the 39 tracks found in this work.

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The music and recording are all Australian.

ORDER CD Number: SAPM2012007/8

Except: The Little Scroll - R Melia
The Sixth Seal - N McDonnell & R J Burling