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(Four Blood Moons)

Since Christmas, I must say that my nights have been quite disturbed. I know that the heatwave we are having in Australia at the moment is certainly not conducive to good sleeping, but it has been much more than that.

What I have been seeing is nothing short of horrific. The year ahead is not going to be a good one because the time has arrived that will see the promised horrors of the Bible, especially the New Testament, taking place in many parts of the world. Matthew 24:15 speaks of the “abomination of desolation” that stands in the holy place. This comes from Daniel 11:31 where Daniel expands it to talk about what is basically the removal of the freedom of worship. For many years I have always seen this as what was used to replace the Temple in Jerusalem but of late, I have come to realise that it is more that this, it is the world wide destruction of places of true worship and the virtual removal of the rights of people to worship God in His places of worship. In recent years (rapidly escalating in recent months) we have seen the total destruction of God’s churches throughout the world in the name of Islam, while the free world and the so-called Christian churches have stood by and watched this destruction without saying a thing. In some countries this has now been extended to the removal of Christian teachings and principles from government, schools, the judiciary and the community in general. Anything that might hint to Christianity has become illegal. And still the free world and the churches stay completely silent. None of these restrictions apply to the expansion of the work of the devil through the message of Islam. In fact, when it comes to Islam, western governments can’t force it’s ways onto its citizens fast enough, even though, in that area, there has been a definite protest by the people.

We now see the United Nations trying to demand that all member states must legislate to make any form of criticism of Islam to be a punishable offence. (The mark of the beast?) Is there an outcry from the western churches? No! They remain totally silent for fear of being called racist, a term that cannot be honestly applied, for Islam is not, and never has been, a race. Nor can it ever be a race because it encompasses many races.

Now we hear news of the Roman Catholic church getting into bed with Islam. The new Pope seems to be going out of his way to open dialogue for agreement between the church and Islam. This is not a new move as previous Popes have tried hard to have Islam brought onto the World Council of Churches, but it is taking on a new emphasis. In recent weeks I have seen story after story of Catholic schools and colleges providing prayer rooms on campus for Muslims so that they have a place to pray properly. All of this with the apparent blessing of the Pope.

All of this for a future that can be of no avail. Sure, the Muslims will be nice to the Catholic church for the moment because Muslims are a distinct minority, but the time is rapidly approaching when the Muslims will adhere to their “rule book” which clearly states that there can be absolutely no deals with Infidels. Infidels have two choices - convert to Islam or die. There are no other options in the Koran.

Now there is an interesting aspect of this Pope. If one is to take any notice of a number of prophecies (including Nostradamus) then Pope Francis may, in fact, the last Pope. That places a time limitation on many things.

Now I have gone through this prelude to paint some type of picture of where we are as we move into 2014 and how this all relates to the things I have been privileged to see over the past week or so. What I am seeing is not, in any language, nice or desirable. It is cold, savage, brutal and destructive.

I have been witnessing horrors, the likes of which I have not seen since back in January of 1974 when the Lord allowed me to make an attempt of suicide on my life. He intervened in what was a very physical way, but it was not before He had allowed me to see the horrors of hell. I won’t describe those horrors, because I can’t. I still have very clear pictures in my mind of what I saw then but, in the subsequent 40 years, despite many attempts to do it, I have never been able to find words that go even close to describing what God let me see that Saturday afternoon, 40 years ago.

What I have seen in these recent days is not quite as bad but it goes close.

Two parts of the world have been specific in these visions. The first of those is the USA and the second is the United Kingdom. Now in both cases there has been spill over into neighbouring nations by virtue of the related events, which will be clear once I mention them. Much of what I have seen is similar but there has been some that is quite (apparently) exclusive.

Of the general vision aspects I have seen bloodshed of the likes and brutality that the planet has not seen before. When one considers the brutalities of the wars of the last 100 years, along with the actions of terrorism that we have become accustomed to hearing about in small doses, saying that it is of the likes not seen is quite a statement, but far from a rash one.

We read in Revelation of the “rivers of blood” as God’s wrath is poured out on mankind. What is soon to come will give those who survive a very clear picture of what that description means. (I have seen a couple of photos in recent days that might well describe streets of blood but not rivers of blood.) What I have seen is running street battles with mass destruction and killing (on both sides) as people go all out in an effort to destroy everything around them. The killing is indiscriminate and includes family killing family; race killing their own; those supposed to protect, killing the ones they should be protecting; and man against woman. It is violent. There is a divided military, not unexpected, fighting with powerful weapons of destruction. And then there are the weapons of horror that we all want to believe don’t exist, except in fiction, that do horrific things to people. Streets of cities and towns are clearly running with blood, such is the destruction I am seeing in these visions. Then there is the destruction of property itself as places that have stood the test of time are destroyed in an effort to kill more people. In all of this, the survivors are few.

Some of this will flow on to many countries as the forces of evil try to gain momentum from what happens in these two places and there will be much destruction, though it will not be as bad.

Added to this, the USA (and much of the west coast of the Americas) will suffer an added problem - the outpouring of nuclear poisoning as a result of possibly two sources. The first we are already hearing about in the nuclear waste that has drifted across the North Pacific and has now started to reach the western shores of North America. Nuclear waste coming as a result of the tragedy we know as Fukushima. Already there are more than just traces of this waste on the West Coast and it has already entered the food chain through infected seafood. The second source will be as a result of the foolish use of nuclear weapons during the bitter conflict that will have spread across much (but not all) of the world, especially in the USA.

Up until this point, I have spoken of what I have seen from the all out destructiveness of the war among humans, but there is an additional and equally destructive force that is also unleashed during this time, and that is the reaction of nature. Here I have seen unprecedented (both in quantity and magnitude) of the earth itself being unleashed through volcanoes, earthquakes, storms and other aspects (some as the result of others). These will unleash terrible destruction because, unlike in the past when untouched nations rallied to help the victims in an area, there won’t be any help forthcoming. This is due to the fact that many nations will no longer have help they can share (because of the destruction of battles) nor may they know about it as it appears throughout my visions there is no longer any mass communications. Things such as telephones, satellites, the Internet and others that we have come to take for granted appear to have all but gone from the world that has emerged. So, even if countries did have the ability to help, they would not know of these natural disasters until it was too late.

The key thing through all of what my visions have shown is that the world will descend into isolated communities that may or may not have experienced the destructions that I have seen.

If that is frightening, just think of a world that may now only exist with a few people who are living in your neighbourhood, many of whom may be suffering intense pain as a result of all the events.

That said, it maybe that the worst is still to come. While it appeared that some parts of the world may not have been greatly affected by all of this, the visions tended to suggest that this was not the last power of forced destruction. Those places that may have escaped the first onslaught of destruction may still have their day of reckoning to come.

Now that is not really out of line with what in written in the Book of Revelation. My visions have shown me huge battles, but they have not shown me the complete destruction of the evil that brought this into being.

This could in fact send evil back to its roots to grow again for yet another last battle at the end of a thousand years of peace.

From what I have written, you can see why I have felt really disturbed over this period between Christmas and New Year and why have felt a need to distribute the information as a warning to the world.

I was not given a timeline for all of this but I have been getting the strong feeling that much of this will possibly happen in as little as the next 12 months.

With all of this in mind I will now direct you to a video found on YouTube to conclude this message. Associated with this video are links to other relevant ones that you may care to also view as they are connected. This one, however, gives a clear summary of the message of the Four Blood Moons, A rare natural occurrence that is to occur again (only the 4th time in the last 500+ years) commencing in the northern hemisphere spring in April of 2014. The previous three are as follows:

•    1493-1494: Fall of Spain, Jews expelled, Columbus discovers America (Infant Nation)

•    1949-50: Follows Israel being declared a nation.

•    1967-68: Six Day War

The four blood moons are, this time around, associated with 4 special days in the Jewish Calendar. You can call this a coincidence or you can see God’s Hand at work in the perfect timing of events. Keep in mind that major events of history, involving the Jewish people, have occurred on the previous three occasions. Those dates and days for the next event are as follows:

•    April 15, 2014: Jewish Passover

•    October 8, 2014: Feast Of Tabernacles

•    April 4, 2015: Jewish Passover

•    September 28, 2015: Feast of Tabernacles

If you check these dates out through the Internet you will be able to verify the dates and associations and these dates are verified by NASA.

We have but one weapon. That is the power of prayer. I ask that you commit what I have written to prayer. I would like to think that maybe I have got it wrong but with what I see around me I feel I may have it right. We will just have to wait and see what comes. All I know is that we must be prepared for such events because the Bible has certainly promised in Johns Vision of the Revelation that such things will happen.

There is a warning that goes with all of this: Christ made it very clear, that those who would deny Him or ignore His followers, would be denied, by Christ, before the Father at the end time.

R. J. Burling
21st January, 2014

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